7 Powerful Fixes to Revive Your Website

This post recommends 7 powerful fixes to revive your website.

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Our survey of more than 200 small businesses in the South West of England points to seven major problems that stop them winning more customers online.

In order of importance the seven biggest problems are:

    1. Insufficient content on their websites to attract visitors.
    2. Out-of date content, superseded by other competitor sites on the local web.
    3. Insufficient inbound links, which reduces their authority in search ranks.
    4. No analytics, like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, which are free, to guide their online marketing decisions.
    5. No content management system (SMS) like WordPress, so they can’t update or refresh content, and they grow old and tired.
    6. No keyword focus to rank in SERPs.
    7. Sloppy page titling, and non existent headings (H1, H2 tag,) or unique meta descriptions.

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The worst sites in the survey are out of date, static, inaccessible, neglected, and devoid of personality, and without clear calls to action.

7 Powerful Fixes

Fixes are easier to administer in WordPress, or other comparable Content Management Systems that allow non-technical users to control the content of a website. We recommend a process for creating valuable copy, which targets your buyers when they’re searching online, and supports them when they’re on your website.

We’re running a half day Workshop for business owners and managers who want to create a website that customers want to read, that uses the words they type into search, that makes it easy for them to browse, and solve their problems, and encourages them to subscribe and buy.

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