Our client testimonials are an important part of our success story.

The testimonials on this page and throughout our website are written statements from clients who support our credibility and expertise. The source of the testimonial has been identified in each instance and a link to the client’s LinkedIn page has been provided. The original testimonials can be viewed on LinkedIn. 

client testimonial paul hayman Paul Hayman, Owner/Director, WoodUChoose LTD, Ivybridge

As a start-up, e-commerce business our knowledge and experience on how to get noticed on-line was limited, to say the least. Stephen Bateman’s dedicated approach and excellent coaching enabled us to get the most out of our website, through content marketing. By using and implementing Stephen’s strategy and advice for our business we were able to see instant results. The key factor was that he listened and understood our business and tailored his coaching to suit our needs. Not only has working with Stephen been insightful and beneficial for our business it has been enjoyable to learn about the ‘science’ of content marketing. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

client testimonial bryony thomas Bryony Thomas, Managing Director, Watertight Marketing, Bristol

“Stephen applies a depth of thought to his client engagements that is rare to see. You can almost see his sharp mind whirring as you’re discussing client challenges. His ideas are always grounded in his extensive experience of what actually works in practice. He is one of the most natural digital marketers I’ve encountered too. He just gets it, and is able to weave proven traditional marketing with the very latest in digital techniques. It’s a powerful combination. Clients working with Stephen, who have an aptitude and appetite to get under the bonnet of what’s possible with a truly integrated marketing, are able to see measurable results at real pace.”

client testimonial chris mugford Chris Mugford, Managing Director, WebTV

“Last year I attended a presentation by Stephen Bateman of Concentric Dots. I was very impressed by his methodology: it is similar to the rigorous research used to launch new products by major corporates (a process with which I am very familiar). 

Stephen then agreed to take on a project to identify the buyer persona and buying cycle for my business. This involved interviewing at length a number of marketing professionals – some of whom were at very senior level. The output from this process and the subsequent analysis was very impressive. It gave real clarity to the DMU of our prime prospects and an enormous amount of associated information. This led to a complete re-brand and re-launch for our business. We could also decide all aspects of our communications strategy with real confidence. 

While this took place, Stephen went to endless lengths to explain clearly what he was doing and discuss in minute detail what could be inferred from his work. He also used his experience to compare our output and decision-making with previous projects so he acted as consultant as well. Ultimately what is so impressive is that he is able to offer deep insight with great good-humour. At no time were we left behind and he was constantly aware and able to correct any mis-conception or mis-interpretation of the data. 

It was our great good fortune that our paths crossed in the first place and I can wholly recommend him to any business that needs a strategy to navigate through the new marketing landscape.”

cleint testimonial shane keaney Shane Keaney, Managing Director, WebTV

“As a start-up we have a very real need to build awareness and credibility with potential clients. Stephen from Concentric Dots provided a clear methodology to develop a content management strategy, from planning, to content writing, through to distribution and practical advice on the tools we can use and issues we would experience along the way. Being able to apply a structured approach turned what seemed to be a huge task into something much more manageable. We now have a clear plan and the confidence to implement.”

Simon Ford, Managing Director, Well Well Aromatherapy

“I attended an all-day course with Stephen: “7 Simple Steps to Winning and Engaging Customers Online’ and was extremely impressed with his depth of knowledge of the content marketing process and mastery of social media to drive business to our website. From his motivational teaching our attention was drawn to the missing elements of our eCommerce website. I was fully engaged for the whole day and came away with an actions workbook and new inspiration and ideas for our business. If you are wondering why your clicks are not converting, talk to Stephen!” September, 2014.

Martin Innalls, Managing Director, Plastexe

“I have just participated in Stephen’s ‘Simple Steps To Winning And Engaging Customers Online’, part of the ‘Superfast Business Programme‘, and have left the course clearly focused on the goals that I have set myself during the day. Stephen communicated in real-life terms, and has an empathy with the day-to-day challenges of SMEs. Stephen’s presentation on Content Marketing was both enlightening & relevant, and I left with a structured framework to manage & measure my objectives. If you’re working on your Content Marketing Strategy, work with Stephen.” October 2014

Janet Herniman, Business Advisor, North Devon+

“Stephen Bateman’s delivery of Simple Steps to Winning and Engaging Customers Online as part of the Superfast Business programme was excellent. The day was packed full of useful, yet manageable information, tips and actions. It was supported by great tools to help us go back to our businesses and make it happen.” October 2014

Angie Taffs, Consultant, Arbonne International

“I attended Stephen’s workshop “Simple Steps to Winning and Engaging Customers Online”, and have to say I found the session thought provoking and inspirational, and it helped give me the focus and direction I needed to take my online marketing forward. Stephen had an excellent way of engaging with his audience and encouraging group participation. He was able to clearly explain all elements of the workshop in an easy to understand manner that kept all delegates fully engaged.” September 2014. 

Ed Pickard, eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Dartington Crystal

“Working with Stephen has been a breath of fresh air. Amongst a world of agencies and consultancies who can only provide generic advice on CRM and Social, Steve got under the skin of our business with a boundless passion that was highly relevant. Providing specific ideas with the latest best practice, it’s been great to formulate structured strategies together that will take our digital business to greater heights.” June, 2014

Wayne Loschi, Business Advisor, Torbay Development Agency.

“Stephen has delivered specialist support to some of my local Superfast Business clients. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the sessions during which Stephen gave an excellent presentation on evaluating customer personas. This resulted in the client compiling a structured digital marketing content strategy which has since brought significant success to their business.” May 2014.

Guy ArnoldFounder Sales Through Service.

“Stephen is very smart and also very caring: he has really helped me make a huge difference, and the key thing is not just his high level of knowledge, but also his ability to focus exclusively on my needs and my outcomes: really professional and highly recommended.” July 2014

James Marshall, Founder, Excelsior Group.

“Stephen has helped me develop a more detailed customer-focused approach to my website. He analysed what I did and who was actually reading my site. He spent time taking me through the process and guiding me so that I understood how to help my customers better. He has given me specific advice that I can implement immediately.” June 2014

Stephen Linley-Shaw, Founder, Dryhomes.

“From our first meeting I knew we were going to work together well to bring the project together. Stephen listened carefully to my brief and, after a few pertinent questions, was quickly able to establish an understanding off my needs. Stephen’s advice has been invaluable to restructure a tired old website to maximise it’s appeal – soon anyone browsing my site will be given options to move swiftly to what they want to know. The emphasis on the client’s needs is paramount and this will drive the project forward…...ultimately grow the business. A fresh start. We have had several meetings, mainly in my office, and on every occasion there has been an agenda set out to maximise the value of the meeting. He is extremely helpful, patient and able to convey expert ideas with ease. I look forward to working with Stephen in the future and also working with some of his contacts in design, graphics and website building who are working on the project as I write…” August, 2014

Emma Joy, Head Of Communications at Institute For Sustainability.

“Stephen and the team took on a communications campaign with tight deadlines and some quite challenging targets, which included helping us build our social media profile. The Wise Up Media team’s experience and detailed knowledge of the sustainability agenda meant they were able to pick up the subject matter and understand the relevance to our target audiences incredibly quickly. This allowed them to focus on delivery at an early stage and without a long briefing or bedding in period. It also allowed them to produce engaging and relevant communications content much faster than I expected. February 4, 2013

Charles Mills, Managing Director, twOfour communications.

“Stephen has enormous energy, he’s a great creative thinker and he is also voracious in his engagement with innovative media and technologies. I’d recommend him to anyone who is after brilliant practical insights into the way consumers are now behaving in the digital landscape and who want a serious new take on their business development challenges.” April 13, 2010

Rachel Doyle, Marketing Manager, Panopto Europe.

“Stephen worked with me in an advisory capacity to develop and implement an inbound marketing strategy for Panopto Europe, focusing on content marketing. I’ve been very impressed by Stephen’s intuitive ability to accurately understand the company’s needs, products and customers. His contagious vision and enthusiasm have given the project the momentum it needs to succeed. This is underpinned by Stephen’s extensive experience in publishing and meticulous planning. Stephen has first rate commercial judgement and is also a great mentor.” January 20, 2012

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