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So you have an idea or a challenge. Well, why else would you be on this page? It’s not unusual.  Maybe you need to get an online presence sorted for your company, and you need to attract more customers online, and you want to revamp or migrate your current website or e-Commerce to something that actually benefits your business, rather than the useless online presence you currently have. That’s not unusual either, as you can see from this list of problems that stop businesses winning more customers online.

What do you want to do? You could email us and we can help you develop your project from your customer’s angle. Or, if you’re unsure, you can call Stephen, no charge and no obligation, just as sounding platform.

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But there might also be some questions that you are still asking yourself. On this page we give you a rundown of what some of those questions might be. Hopefully it will save you time.

What are your goals?

What do you want to achieve? What do you want to help your target buyers achieve? What are your priorities? Jotting down a bullet point list of your core objectives helps you really focus the idea.

Is there anybody else doing it already?

There may be others, who have already done it. Or there may be people already doing something similar. Most likely there are, or it might not be worth doing. It’s often better not to be too original, just bloody good at doing what you do best. Not to fear. Take a look at how they do it, what they offer. Can you do it better? If so, how? What makes your value proposition better?

Target audience: They are your key 

Who are the people you are wanting to attract to your business? Josh and Jodie at Pickle Shack wanted to attract to-be-brides seeking expert catering and wedding planning.

These questions not only help you focus your efforts on the user, but they also help us help you to work up your content strategy and content marketing deployment.

You also need to inventory and gather design and graphic assets like iconography and photography.

Have you started to look into design assets? Once you have your target audience and customer journey mapped, the assets you need will become clearer.

Your content strategy

Maybe you need several pages.  The content, structure and website architecture for many small sites can be done by listing topics and functions. You can check out examples of content marketing strategy work we’ve done for clients.

What next?

Well, hopefully you’ve been stimulated by our questions, but what next?

Well, if you wrote down your answers, you can step back to reveal the start of your brief. It’s one step closer. Getting the idea on paper is the first step to giving something life. What you do with it now is up to you.

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You can also subscribe to our content marketing tips.Test your marketing with our free self-assessment.Headquartered in Exeter, Concentric Dots Content Marketing is a strategic content marketing agency helping small business owners and managers plan, create and promote relevant and compelling content (articles, blog posts, videos, white papers, tweets..) to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood target audiences, with the objective of driving profitable customer action and business growth.

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"I participated in Stephen's Simple Steps To Winning And Engaging Customers Online, and left the course clearly focused on the goals that I set myself during the day. Stephen communicated in real-life terms, and has an empathy with the day-to-day challenges of SMEs. Stephen's presentation on Content Marketing was both enlightening & relevant, and I left with a structured framework to manage & measure my objectives. If you're working on your Content Marketing Strategy, work with Stephen."

Martin Innalls, Managing Director at Plastexe Ltd