How much does content marketing cost?


how much does content marketing cost

The amount you pay for content marketing services depends on three things related to your company and the nature of our work:

Your goals: What are you trying to achieve? How will our work for you impact your company’s success? Bigger content marketing goals drive larger investments.

Company size: How large is your company? Larger businesses tend to have more complex challenges, which are harder to solve, take more time, and cost more.

Specialty: Do you need a brand refresh? Do you need to improve the organisation and performance of your online content? Do you need to generate demand, attract more leads, and support the sales effort? The level of skill determines the cost.

The examples of client work you see on our website represent investments that range from from £3,500 to more than £10,000 over the course of a one year. Generally, our work is structured in retainers to accomplish specific goals within a defined timeframe. A retainer generally lasts a minimum 3 months, but most often lasts 6-12 months, representing an average investment of £13,500.

The long and short of it is that content marketing is an investment, not a cost, with a payback that can be measured.

Once we understand your content marketing goal, we can help you select the parts of the content marketing process, and put a proposal together for you based on what you need to accomplish.

Broadly speaking, content marketing can be divided into 5 cost “phases” from planning to measurement:

how to calculate the cost of content marketing

    1. Planning
    2. Ideation
    3. Production
    4. Distribution, and
    5. Measurement


Once we understand your marketing goal and marketing capability we can provide you with a detailed, costed proposal that is certified by the trading standards buy with confidence scheme.

We hope you’ll understand why content marketing strategy is not an off-the-peg service, and why we do not publish a rate card.

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Liz Griffiths, Mendip Media Group