Our Commitment to a content marketing strategy | Content marketing best practice

Our first priority at Concentric Dots Content Marketing is to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our second priority is our commitment to a content marketing strategy that gets results for our clients.

Our commitment breaks down into three core values:

1. Rigour

Content is a conversation. We cannot rush it. Gone are the days when a business handed a brief to their agency and then left them to get on with it. Markcomms is much more collaborative today. If you need a few pages turned around quickly, we will be happy to help you, but only if we already have a relationship, and we know your business. If you’re a new client, however, we need to get to know your business first, and we can’t help you until we’ve understood your goals and understand your business. The short of it is, we won’t cut corners to get things done quickly.

A few days is just not enough time to understand your unique challenges and solve them through carefully crafted content. We want to help you. We just won’t do a rush job. Ultimately, a rush job hurts you, freaks us out, and produces something that does nothing for the reputation of our profession. So, unless you give us the time to understand your business, your goals and metrics and what you hope to accomplish with your content marketing, we cannot help you.

2. Intimacy

Content is an intimate thing. Creating content that works for your organisation and engages your audiences means a close relationship with you. Without it we can’t understand what you want to achieve, and we can’t give you the content marketing tools and frameworks for success.

It’s this level of intimacy that keeps our agency small. We don’t have 20 clients. Know why? Because we can’t have a conversation with 20 people at once. Right now, we’d rather work with just 10 clients and do a great job for them, rather than do an OK job for 20. It takes time to get to know each individual business, the business owners and managers, and the business’ challenges and audiences. We’re fiercely proud of our work and the results we get for our clients.

3. Endurance

This may sound odd, but not every business is made for content marketing. Do you know how we decide which businesses are right for content marketing? We assess their people and their culture. We test their leader’s vision, their horizon, and their goals. We test their legs. We look for marathon runners. That’s because we’ve tried turning content marketing projects around quickly, and it doesn’t work. Content marketing takes time, but once it’s established it endures, and goes on and on, like a Duracell battery, attracting and pulling new customers to your business.

So if you want it fast, and you’re a sprinter, you might find other types of marketing, like display ads and PPC, better suited to your short term goals. Although these types of marketing do not endure like content marketing, they drive traffic to your website landing page more punctually, than solid content marketing. But, if you’re looking for a strategic and planned approach that gives your business the tools to create your own long term lead-generative content marketing, and you want to build your authority and audience over time, you should definitely talk to us.

So, shall we begin with a conversation?

Learn how to set a content marketing strategy, then run a cost effective programme for a small business.

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