Coming up with great content ideas for your website is not as tough as you might think.

A great content idea is one that is going to attract and engage your target audience, and compel your readers or viewers to bookmark it, come back to it, cite it, share it, and act on it.

How Not To Do Content Marketing!

How Not To Do Content Marketing!

The tools you can use for identifying great content ideas include:

    • A content audit to uncover your best and worst performing content, and to see where your content gaps lie
    • A content matrix to help you select the right content mix for your audiences
    • Techniques for extracting more content ideas from more people, including a content curation process
    • Techniques for getting the best content from your subject matter experts

When we help our clients generate content ideas, this what we they get

At the end of the content audit, you get an assessment of your site content, how it maps to your customer, the journey and the apparent content gaps, including a set of recommendations that you can start to implement immediately, which will include techniques and tools you can use to identify, source, and extract harder working content from various places.

We work with you to identify the content elements on your website that need to work hardest for you, especially ones that are currently under-performing. These content elements might include:

    • blog posts
    • conversion pages
    • calls to action
    • data collection devices, like newsletter opt-ins
    • case studies

The quality of your content impacts your key conversion metrics. So we look together at your Analytics, and help you come up with ideas for improving your content. Typically we do this 2-steps:

  1. Review and recommend: We review your content, study the Analytics data and background material, and compile a list of best-practice recommendations
  2. Improve: We work with you to put in place a fail safe method of identifying and sourcing better content ideas

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"Steve got under the skin of our business with a boundless passion that was highly relevant. Providing specific ideas with the latest best practice, it’s been great to formulate structured strategies together that will take our digital business to greater heights.”

Ed Pickard, eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Dartington Crystal