A Content Marketing Definition

What Is Content Marketing? | A content marketing definition.

You’ve most likely heard “content marketing” mentioned in your circles.

what is content marketing

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: 

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

The definition above says that content marketing AttractsEngages and Acquires new customers. But how does it achieve that?

Knowing what content marketing does is helpful to a content marketing definition. 

how to map content to the buying cycle

As you can see from the diagram above, the role of content marketing is to align your chosen content formats (Infographics, videos, eBooks, white papers), themes and topics with the right stages of your buyer’s journey, thereby supporting and nurturing your prospects all along their journey to purchase and post purchase.

The important thing to understand is that each piece of content is just one of several building blocks in the long term relationship you’re nurturing with your market. There’s no immediate end-game. To expect to convert a customer with early stage content is an error, as Rand Fishkin notes in his brilliant Slideshare about content marketing misconceptions:

content marketing is not selling

How content marketing actually works:

how content marketing works

A potential client finds your content, this strengthens the relationship, and by the time they contact you they’re already convinced they want to work with you. You don’t have to engage in any high pressure sales tactics, because you’ve nurtured your prospect all along their buying cycle with strategically placed valuable content, so that the end stage of presenting the solution, discussing details and agreeing terms is easier. The trust you need to build during a long sales cycle has already been created before the client has even spoken to you.

Return on content marketing investment

The return on investment for content marketing can be phenomenal when executed correctly.

Remember: Content provides the fuel for social media marketing and contributes to SEO efforts by generating natural inbound links and building up good content on your website that gets found in search engines.

How to get started with content marketing.

Caveman marketing images via Rand Fishkin

Mapping content image: Ben Smith of Billy Elusiv

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