Setting content marketing goals, and identifying the right performance metrics, are fundamental to a successful content marketing strategy.

Before you begin creating content, you need to define what you want your content to do, or more importantly, what you want consumers of your content to do.

What do you want consumers of our content to do?

Broadly speaking, there are three things you can do with content marketing:

content marketing objectives

Some content builds awareness, pulling your audience in toward you. Other content types compel your audience to act, building trust.

Specific content affects specific parts of the funnel.

  • Generate awareness (top of funnel)
  • Increase traffic (market share)
  • Develop community (build loyalty)
  • Develop recognition (thought leadership)
  • Generate leads (prospecting)
  • Convert leads into customers (sales)
  • Reduce cost per lead (improve ROI)

The ultimate goal of content marketing, therefore, is to convert targets into customers, repeat customers and advocates.

To do that successfully, you need to break your content marketing activity down into smaller, realistic steps and objectives, such as increase site visits, capture more email addresses, get more trials etc… Each step requires the right content tactic. 

Role of content in marketing

Hence, your content marketing goal is achieved by turning your content creation process on its head, and thinking less about producing content and more about how you can use content to turn your readers or viewers into leads, sales, and advocates.

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