Coordinate your content marketing under one voice, with different content creators.

The best way to coordinate your content marketing activity, is with a simple style guide. This provides a set of practical, easy to follow editorial and brand guidelines to help keep your content marketing efforts on track, especially when your content is produced by several different people, or has to go through different people for approval.

To help you develop the right tone of voice, we work with you on two simple questions:

    1. What is your existing tone of voice and what tone of voice would resonate better with your audiences and brand?
    2. What tone of practical guidelines would help your content creators produce more engaging customer-centric content?

This will help to develop your unique style guide, that your content producers can use, time and again, to produce the kind of branded content that is unique to your brand, and for which you become known for.

Here’s how we do it:

    1. We survey your existing communications to identify your existing tone of voice, and see how your tone of voice could be improved.
    2. We run a workshop to review with you the results of the survey, so you can add your thoughts and suggestions to the style guidelines.
    3. We go away and produce the style guide you need to help unify the efforts of your diverse content producers.

The style guide includes

    • tone of voice guidelines for all those working on your content
    • examples of “before/after” content
    • grammar, vocabulary, spelling and syntax guidelines to ensure each content person is singing from the same hymn sheet
    • a list of words and phrases that are “on” / “off message”

How good is your content marketing governance?

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