Examples of content marketing training success:

1- DryHomes – Owner-managed condensation business, Paignton, Cornwall.

Support Needed The business needed to improve the quality of the content on its website in order to attract better, more qualified visitors and filter out time-wasters. The goal was to reduce staff time on the phone by enabling visitors to self-diagnose their condensation problems before making an enquiry. This resulted in a significantly higher percentage of better quality enquiries and a significant cost-saving for the business.

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Example of a customer-centric website designed around the buyer journey

Support Provided We worked with Stephen Linley-Shaw, the business owner, and an expert on condensation, to identify the needs of the target audience, and their search journey so that we could align website content to the buyer journey. We used the owner’s in-depth understanding of customer pain points to map out and structure the content for each stage of the customer buying cycle, which gave the framework for the web pages and blog posts needed to make the company’s marketing funnel more watertight.

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We validated our assumptions with the help of long tail keyword research to create top-of -funnel content and to populate page descriptions, visuals and calls to action. We ensured our client was able to remain focused between training sessions with the help of a structured workbook and, more critically, “homework tasks,” which allowed him to bring together each component of the new website design without the need for a an expensive agency makeover.

The process levered Stephen’s subject matter expertise to deliver a website revamp that was valuable to both the end-user and the business. Finally, we helped our client identify and brief what we regard to be the best creative designers and website builders in the South West.

Timeframe Twelve 2 hour executive training sessions, with homework tasks between sessions, spread over 60 days  Budget £1920

3- Medium-sized business in the healthcare sector, North West England

Support Needed This support programme was required to help the marketing manager of a medium-sized healthcare business reclaim its share of website traffic and boost new customer enquiries by putting in place a content marketing programme that better answered the questions of its target market.

Support Provided We began with an initial marketing appraisal and competitor benchmark analysis, including review of website calls-to-action, search engine ranking results, and a comprehensive review of social media marketing performance to determine measurable content marketing goals and metrics, then provided support with customer persona development, customer journey mapping, long tail keyword research, on-page optimisation (SEO) suggestions, content auditing and inventory, identifying initial topic & subject ideas, putting together a 6 month editorial calendar of ideas for blogs, website pages and guide books, as well as recommendations for better website navigation to make access to key content on the website easier for visitors.

Timeframe Sixteen 1:1 executive support sessions, with “homework” tasks between sessions, spread over 75 days  Budget £1800

4 – Small business owner, professional counselling, Somerset

Support Needed Support was required to make this brand’s social media content more engaging in order to win more contracts from public health sector funding organisations.

Support Provided Work for this client kicked off with a content audit to help identify critical content gaps and weaknesses in the business’ website and social media marketing strategies; We then provided a step-by-step framework for developing leadgenerative content for the target audience, matched the stages of the buying journey. We supplied templates to help generate customer personas (the persona generation toolkit), and techniques and tools for mapping and gapping the information needs of prospects and customers at the different stages of their buying cycle, keyword and long tail keyword research and analysis, help with articulating the brand’s unique “sweet spot”” and help with identifying core content themes and topics, using an editorial calendar for more effective planning and social media promotion and lead-generation.

Timeframe 8 hours Budget £900

1 – Small owner-managed business, Devon, UK

Support Needed The client needed to integrate inbound lead-generative content marketing and social media marketing into their everyday work practices. They needed a more structured approach than their ad hoc efforts.

Support Provided We helped the client get to grips with a number of tools and techniques to identify keywords, themes, topics, hashtags and key influencers in their target market. On Twitter and LinkedIn we showed the client how to segment and create lists for better targeting and relevance, and how to schedule social media updates in Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously using Hootsuite, and how to apply the 4-1-1 rule for social media outreach, thus increasing the productivity and saving them valuable time and effort on a daily basis. Then, we introduced our client to content curation, and helped them set Google alerts, and fine tune their techniques for getting influencers to follow back and promote / advocate their content and services on Twitter. We helped the client find their long tail keywords, and provided tools for identifying content topics and ideas with the greatest relevance to their target audiences, (Keywordtool.io, AddPlanner, and blog idea generator.) We provided a homepage design template for the client to redesign their homepage around the most important calls to action. We helped the client develop Customer Personas to guide their content marketing and social media marketing strategy. Finally, we provided follow up training for Google Analytics.

Timeframe 6 hours 1:1 support, with “homework” tasks in between sessions, spread over 30 days   Budget £680

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“We attended a workshop with other SMEs, looked at each other’s sites, discussed our issues and shared ideas. Stephen’s practical tools and techniques filled a big gap in our in-house capability, and we’ve been able to apply the techniques in between sessions.”

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