How to get more customers online is what you want. This is how you do it.

how to get more customers with inbound content marketing

Stephen illustrating his tried and tested route to getting more customers with inbound content marketing

How to get more customers online

To get more customers online, your website and blog content needs to match the questions your buyers ask at the different stages of their buying journey.

how to map content to the buyer journey

In other words, you cannot pave a path to your business, unless you’re putting content in front of your prospects that answers their questions, when and where they seek it.

See How Good Your Content Is

Being good at getting customers online means being good at three things:

    1. Attracting customers (Educate)
    2. Engaging customers (Entertain)
    3. Converting customers (Empower)

content marketing best practice

Without this approach to your digital marketing content you’re going to struggle to attract and retain potential customers.

A simple skills audit will determine what you are missing, and why your online marketing funnel is leaking.

Get customers with a content-rich website

Ultimately, the changes you make to your content catapult your website from just having content, to having content that performs.

We call this “content performance marketing”, and we’ve developed a high-impact executive coaching programme to deliver it.

Aligning your content with your customers’ journey is aligning your marketing with Google’s, and that’s a worthwhile partner to have, when it comes to getting customers!

The problem is small business websites are rarely aligned with Google, because they have “thin” content, and this is penalised by the Google Panda algorithm

Consider these two businesses:

    • Small Business A provides a content-rich experience around the services and topics that their target audience care about, thereby enhancing their website user’s experience and commanding a higher authority and page rank in search engine results.
    • Small Business B provides a website that has very little content to keep users engaged on their site, beyond basic contact information and a few trust builders. Their “thin” content is deemed to be of limited value to people searching, and of low quality. The search engines push the site down the search listings to the point of invisibility.

The takeaway is simple: To get customers online, you have to pave the way to your business, with relevant and valuable content. Don’t expect to get customers without it.

Don’t let this problem persist. Getting customers online is a skill you can learn. Fortunately, it’s the skill we make it our business to teach, in our Content Marketing Workshop, Content Marketing Master Class, and high-impact Executive 1:1 Support programme. But don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say.

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"Stephen from Concentric Dots helped guide me through my customer profiles to create content that met their needs. As a result, online traffic has increased by 56% this year, and my customers have liked the more relevant content.”

James Marshall – Excelsior Athletic Training