How to create compelling content

Great marketing is putting the content that matters to your audiences in front of them long before they’re considering a purchase.

how to create compelling content

Clever businesses work out what information their prospective customers need, provide it, and win the mind, trust and loyalty of their future customers long before they’re ready to buy.

How to create compelling content that maps to your buyer’s buying cycle

For your content marketing and social media to work, your content has to be strong and strategic. You need original ideas, mapped to your customers and to your business objectives.

You need strong content formats that attract, educate, entertain and convince. You need editorial inspiration (ideas), robust publishing and editing processes, but above all you need “makers.”

How we can help

We give you a process and the tools to enable your content to perform:

    • a framework for working out what content is right for your audience and the stages of their journey
    • a formula for working out the number of content items
    • a process for identifying the themes and topics that matter most to your audiences
    • an editorial calendar to help you plan and resource for content creation
    • templates and processes to help you create compelling content

Here’s the process:

    • Exploring requirements: A workshop to agree objectives, and map the requirements to a timetable and budget
    • Identifying ideas: A content audit, persona building workshop, customer journey mapping, identifying user questions, theme and topic generation, format matrix, and an editorial calendar
    • Producing content: Examples of compelling content, and templates via training and coaching sessions
    • Improving content performance: We monitor and review the quality of your output and help you refine it
    • Extending the support: We review performance and brainstorm more ideas with you

Learn how to get customers with content.

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"The best content marketers make content. Making clarifies their thinking, so employ people who do real work, and who strategise whilst doing it.”

Stephen Bateman, Content Strategist at Concentric Dots