How to promote your content online

Sadly, people won’t find your content by accident. In order to get your content to the right people, you have to hand it to them on a plate.

how to promote your content online

Your content marketing plan needs a complementary promotion plan.

You’ll want to include the following (free)

    • Website (RSS)
    • Social media – Facebook, Pinterest etc..
    • LinkedIn – forums, updates, tagged connections
    • Twitter – followers, hashtags, handle campaigns to segmented lists
    • Email lists
    • Blog (yours)
    • Blog (third party)
    • Press placements (PR)

If you’re in B2B marketing, think about watering holes like SlideShare.

But content distribution isn’t just about free channels. It’s worth having in mind a handful of paid channels:

    • Google Pay Per Click
    • Interactive banner ads
    • Promoted Tweets
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google & Outbrain networks etc...

Having in mind how to promote your content in these channels before you even create your content is the name of the game.

Tips to help small businesses promote their content

      1. Restrict your channels and get really good at promoting in one channel before moving onto a new one.
      2. Get personal. When you go into online communities, be it a forum or group, don’t spam your article and leave. Engage the members of that community, begin conversations, learn the rules and protocols, make friends, and build a reputation as an authority within the group.
      3. Recycle, repurpose and reuse your content in different channels.
      4. Use the 4-1-1 rule on Twitter. This is super important.
      5. Use a syndication platform like Hootsuite. Remember trying to publicise your work across social media channels is tough when you have limited time and resources.
      6. Use email to drive traffic to your website, and encourage your recipients to share and promote your content; This will boost your authority and your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs.)
      7. Get help from the influencers in your network. Use a tool like FollowerWonk to identify influencers by searching their bios. This is much more productive than reaching out to Joe Blogs.
      8. Offer to guest blog on platforms that have large followings of your target audiences. I guest blog on Smart Insights, which gets connects me with 80,000 other marketing professionals from as far away as Australia and New Zealand.
      9. Do some webinars. These are a lot of work, but they are my most effective marketing tool. This webcast I did for The Marketer Magazine, entitled “How to set a content marketing strategy, then run a simple cost-effective programme for an SME,” got me over 500 live listeners.
      10. Post an article on LinkedIn Pulse. This article I wrote before the webcast got me 2500 followers and a massive engagement count in under 24 hours over a Bank Holiday!

If you’ve hit a ceiling and you’d like to improve your social media promotion and distribution, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a discipline we put a lot of emphasis on in our Executive 1:1 Support, on our One Day Content Marketing Masterclass and in our End-to-End Content Marketing programme.

Main image: Mark Armstrong

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