How To Set a Content Marketing Strategy for an SME

how to set a content marketing strategy for sme

This is the antipasto for my talk “How To Set a Content Marketing Strategy for an SME.”

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In 15 minutes I want to impart a content marketing framework that small business owners and managers can take back to the office and implement. 

I’ll draw on my first-hand experience of running content marketing programmes and the recommendations from my study of more than 200 small businesses in Devon and Somerset, to demonstrate the “why” and the “how” of content marketing. 

I want participants to go away with an understanding of why it’s best to abstain from creating new content, until they have a content marketing plan. 

Participants will leave with: 

  1. An understanding of the value of content 
  2. An insight into buyer personas 
  3. A process for uncovering content themes
  4. A structure to create valuable content

Participants will get more value from my talk if they know their content marketing fitness levels, which is why I have put together this simple pre-talk self-assessment. I urge you to complete it.

Take Your Pre-Talk Health Check Now

I look forward to meeting you at Digital Exeter.

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