Are you the ideal content marketing customer?

On one side of the divide live the business owners of the past. 

 They are stuck in the dark ages, clinging on to a series of tactics, tools, and chores like outdated sales fliers, cold calling, direct mail, telemarketing, and the yellow pages.

traditional versus modern marketing

On the opposite side of the divide live the small businesses of the future. 

These business owners are curious about their customers and about marketing. They see marketing as a way of engaging with and educating future prospects. These owner-managers see their marketing as a valuable, content-rich, wealth-producing asset.

These savvy business leaders have understood the needs of their prospective customers, and they have mapped, planned, created and distributed timely and valuable content to pave the way for their customers. 

They know that in order to grow, from a “nobody’s-ever-heard-of-us” business to a respected and popular brand online, they must pave the way for their customers with valuable content, without which, they will struggle to attract, engage and convert new customers.

If this ideal content marketing customer profile sounds like you, and you’d like to master a simple framework to help you win more customers online, have a look at the content marketing courses we’ve designed for savvy business leaders. 

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