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Marketing goals and metrics are meaningless without prior knowledge of your marketing strengths and weaknesses.

Take Your Content Marketing Health Check Now

That’s why we developed our free interactive self-assessment tool to help you assess your marketing strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint the areas to improve.

The self-assessment is designed to help you answer the following questions:

      1. How are we currently performing?
      2. Where are we under performing / where are the gaps and the opportunities for improvement?
      3. Are we measuring the right things? (i.e. is our tracking, measurement and reporting set up correctly?)
      4. Why should customers buy from us?

How to use the free marketing assessment test

Perform this assessment alone or in a group.

Rank your organisation on a scale of 1-5 based on the importance and your competency for each “best practice.”

Submit your assessment to identify the GAPs in your marketing and average scores for each category.

Get a list of recommendations for actionable advice and downloadable resources to help you improve your competencies.

Use the slider to rank your response to the statements

1 = Strongly disagree

2 = Disagree

3 = Moderately Agree

4 = Agree

5 = Strongly Agree

N/A means that a specific statement is not applicable to your organisation

Take Your Content Marketing Health Check Now

Key benefits of the free marketing assessment test:

  • Easy to use self-assessment
  • Focuses on actionable improvements in specific facets of your marketing outreach
  • Enables you to begin improving simple, cost-effective elements of your marketing
  • Generates a unique report you can refer back to well into the future
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"I attended Stephen's workshop: Simple Steps to Winning and Engaging Customers Online, and have to say I found the session thought provoking and inspirational, because it helped give me the focus and direction I needed to take my online marketing forward. Stephen had an excellent way of engaging with his audience and encouraging group participation. He was able to clearly explain all elements of the workshop in an easy to understand manner that kept all delegates fully engaged. Highly recommended."

Angie Taffs, Business Advisor North Devon+