Our content marketing workshop helps small business owners who want more customers by giving them practical, hands-on help with tools and techniques to attract their target audiences, and rank higher in search engine results pages above their competitors.

content marketing workshop

Stephen talking about how to create buyer personas

As a trainer and coach, my key tool is the workshop. By running a workshop of internal and/or external stakeholders I can use the group as a resource to get the broadest range of experience and views, generate loads of great ideas, and, most importantly, make the learning relevant. I run dozens of workshops every year, 16 in 2014/15, and I never get bored of them.

The Content Marketing Workshop is suited to those interested in SME marketing. It takes a unique, hands-on approach that encourages full participation.

You will get your own 12 page content marketing workbook, with an end-to-end framework and all the tools for your long-term marketing action plan.

    • We use your business, and those of co-participants, as working examples, so you see how the marketing tactics apply directly to your business.
    • You come with your laptop or tablet and your login details for your Google Analytics and get straight to work on the nitty-gritty of what you need to improve.
    • You leave the workshop with seven practical steps that improve your marketing.

What you learn on this content marketing workshop

    • The 7 pillars of content marketing you need to grow your business
    • The techniques you need to optimise your website for search
    • How to attract new clients with relevant, compelling web and social content
    • How to get influencers to notice and promote you at zero cost
    • How to start thinking like a publisher-educator and how to apply this marketing approach to your business
    • How to turn egocentric marketing into customer-centered marketing communications
    • How to boost your website performance and attract better quality traffic the moment you get back to the office
    • We will give you a range of practical guides that will help you implement

Who should attend?

This content marketing workshop is suitable for owner-managers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, sole traders, business and marketing students at university, and all those with an interest in marketing for small business.

Contact us if you’d like us to email you with dates for the next workshop. Book a place now on the workshop at Exeter Library

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“Stephen has enormous energy, he’s a great creative thinker and he is also voracious in his engagement with innovative media and technologies. I’d recommend him to anyone who is after brilliant practical insights into the way consumers are now behaving in the digital landscape and who want a serious new take on their business development challenges.”

Charles Mills, Managing Director at Twofour communications