Video Marketing for Small Business

This post considers how to develop a video in the context of video marketing for small business.


Rule #1: Think about customers first, video formats later

To make sure I understand my customers properly and what they need to achieve, I write down the questions they have at each stage along their buying journey.

By stepping into their shoes, I can empathise with them and develop a meaningful value proposition, like a doctor’s prescription, with pain relievers and gains, and tie these back to my expertise, my services and products.

Developing a compelling Value Proposition

A big challenge I see in small business is how to articulate a value proposition. Often small businesses write about themselves and their products and fail to see how they create gain and reduce pain for their customers. Most of the time I see egocentric sales and marketing hyperbole, which is off-putting to prospects, who want unbiased, impartial information that resonates with their struggles and pain points.

Talking about yourself really is not the best way to make friends and influence people! 

egocentric content like when you speak about yourself at dinner

If you want to make friends from people who view your content, aim to demonstrate care, interest, and empathy.

That’s why in in my video I communicate through pictures the fear that paralyses my prospects when they contemplate the overwhelming world of digital marketing.

I suppress my urge to sell, choosing instead to portray a way out of the fog and confusion; The glasses represent the solution, but the main focus is on the struggle my customers face when confronting digital marketing.

Rule #2: Show, don’t tell

Why? Because we are visual. The Internet is visual. We retain visual information better than written or spoken information.

video marketing for small business

My step-by-step process for video marketing for small business

1. Define the audience you are you trying to reach. 

I use buyer personas for this. Imagine you’re in conversation with your “ideal customer” at a trade event. How do you greet them, what do you ask them, and in what tone?

2. Define your purpose and list the performance metrics that you will track to measure the success of your video

In my case, my video marketing goal is twofold:

    • Convey my business value proposition with clarity
    • Compel viewers to want to learn more about my business

So my measurement metrics are:

    1. Page depth and dwell time
    2. Bounce rate
    3. Newsletter sign-ups and social follows
    4. Return visitors
    5. Video shares and comments

 3. Pick the right type of video format and tone of voice 

Possible video formats to choose from include:

    • Explainer
    • Animated
    • Talking head(s)
    • Interview
    • Documentary
    • Testimonial

 Tone and style

    • Corporate
    • Humorous

Of course, these considerations can go on and on, which is why it’s helpful to define your purpose at the outset, so you can eliminate formats and tones that don’t work, and focus on the ones that do.

A mood board is great for establishing narrative, shots, and getting a look and feel you agree on.

Video length

A year ago my video could have been three minutes long. But experience and evaluating other video viewing data,  90–120 seconds is just about right.

Optimise visibility

Having invested in this video, the key to success is to optimise its visibility and watchability. So, although it is destined for my homepage, it is also ideal for my LinkedIn profile summary, and my email signature.

I can also use it in face to face presentations with new prospects.

Therefore, I have planned alternative versions of the video to suite different touch points. This allows me to reach my audiences on their terms, at their pace, and to match their schedule, not sell them my service, but nudge them them toward the next step, rather than rush them.

For more on how to get your marketing timing right, read this great post on Smart Insights (Link) by Bryony Thomas, the best-selling author of Watertight Marketing

There is much more that I could tell you about video marketing for small business, like cost, time frame, resources, and how to structure a brief

Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to know about, and I’ll invite a specialist to respond with some actionable advice. Thanks

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